I have always enjoyed making things. I find a unique joy in making something out of ‘nothing’. When I graduated from high school I felt ill equipped to make ART of any consequence and meaning, therefore I went to university to study Anthropology and Economics. After four years of denial I finally went to the Ontario College of Art to study Fine Art Drawing and Painting. I still had no clue what ART was but I knew that I liked to draw and paint. When I finished that up, I was deep in student loan debt and decided I needed a well paying day-job to pay it off. I continued my education in computer animation in order to get that coveted day-job and ended up here in San Francisco. I have since paid off my student loans and really enjoy my day-job, which makes me a ‘Sunday Painter’.

City Art Gallery is a rare jewel in San Francisco where an artist can do whatever they like and put it up for viewing on Valencia Street. I still don’t know what ART is but I enjoy making pictures and showing them to people. One day I will figure it out and become a ‘real artist’ but in the meantime I enjoy being ‘real’.