H. sapiens valenciansis

[ hoh-moh sey-pee-uhnz vahlen-see-an-sis]

n. the species of bipedal primates to which modern human beings belong to and can be seen walking down Valencia Street in San Francisco (aka Cali-Olduvai Gorge).

Based on candid photographs taken in situ, these compositions attempt to document the vibrant and diverse species of humanoids that pass in front of this window at City Art Gallery. Any resemblance to actual Homo sapiens valenciansis is purely intentional and unfortunate, however this guarantees you immortality when aliens invade this planet and identify this artwork as a representative piece of high human culture. If this is still an unsatisfactory answer please see a mental health professional immediately to deal with your strong delusional ego identification issues.

T:H. sapiens valenciansis I
M:Acrylic on Canvas